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In our next step as ordinary consumers in daily life, we as ordinary consumers in our daily life understand the difference in material selection,mens gucci belt as ordinary consumers in our daily life. The materials they choose for the bags are definitely different. Why did they choose the criteria? Because we, as ordinary consumers in our daily life, can process it. Process the leather into a gucci belt men. In addition to leather, there are many types of men's gucci belt that can also be processed.

mens gucci belt

For example, our crocodile skin as an ordinary consumer in daily life, for example, our cowhide or sheepskin as an ordinary consumer in our daily life,mens gucci belt cowhide actually includes 4 kinds of materials, one is the top layer of cowhide, One is two-layer cowhide. Then, there is a third kind of two-layer transfer belt men The fourth type is the second-layer spray coating. There is also a PU leather, a PVC leather that has just become popular recently, and a recycled leather recycled's gucci belt The so-called victory is to use the regenerate relic, and then regenerate the spray.

So this material is more and more offset to the back, but it will look better and better. Because it adds artificial's gucci belt If you want to pursue an original and natural material, you can only choose the first layer of skin. Although it's expensive, it simply can't find a second model that looks exactly like it,mens gucci belt just like our human fingerprint liquid as ordinary consumers in daily life, and the PU lattice, PVC lattice and recycled lattice mentioned later can all be mass-produced by machines gucci belt men.

men's gucci belt

So it is easy to encounter the same bag or the same gucci belt men, but you will never encounter the same bag made of leather. Because their detailed textures are completely impossible to match. There is also a kind of wet blue leather, which means that after the leather is treated with aquatic products, it has the effect of light blue. This is the skin effect, which is a secondary processing made on the original PU, and the effect of its processing is that it will look particularly good. But it is also a damage to the scalp. There is also a kind of tree cream bark,men's gucci belt which is just said, it is treated as a secondary treatment, but it does not have blue color. Its characteristic is that if it encounters water, it is easy to soften, and its integrity will be seen.